Artist Biography

New York City native Linda Starr is an artist of passion who exudes the spirit of the colorful and playful energy of her work. Her intuitive painting process is an arrival point that has been bubbling up for the artist over her multi-decade career as a painter, 10 years of which she spent in private study with Carla Re’, a well know artist of New York City. 


Like many self-taught artists, Linda is a tour de force with an exhibition history as diverse and robust as her passions. Linda has always had roles in which she applied her visual design skills, including her 15 years in the film industry in New York City and 10 years as a senior Visual Display Specialist designing window displays. These experiences have shaped and enriched her work as a visual artist. 

Linda has a desire to push boundaries, and a quest for diverse achievements to add to her career, as is evidenced by her fervorous involvement in professional development programs and with her artist community. Since her arrival to North Carolina in 2007, Linda has been an engaged member of multiple artist groups and works to champion opportunities and make space for women artists of her age. From her icon-like paintings of strong female leaders like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to her paintings depicting vibrant, semi-realistic settings and subjects, Linda’s work exudes a confidence and energy that has culminated from a lifetime of diverse arts experiences which propel her forward in her work today. 

Linda is Co-Founder of the North Carolina Women’s Art Collective and a member of several art organizations. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, daughter and their beloved rescue dogs Mickey and Maggie. 


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"Judgement Before the Fall," aka "When There are Nine," mixed media on wood panel, 20" x 30"

Artist Statement

I create my paintings with an intuitive process. Nothing is planned or pre-engineered. I apply the paint on the canvas without conscious thought to subject, often rotating the canvas in different directions and looking to determine how the images will emerge.

My paintings are often very sculptural, laden with texture and vibrant color, and always full of story. I use shape, patterns, and repetition to create whimsical scenes with rich tones and meaning. Much like the way a story provides setting, plot, characters, and

action to elicit an emotion from the reader, I intend to do the same for the viewer through my work. Whether I’m creating icon-like imagery of strong female leaders like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or a surrealistic cityscape full of detail, I hope to energize the viewer and to provide them with that same sense of joy that I feel during the spontaneous and free process of painting.   - Linda Starr